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PARKSTONE is a full-service, forward thinking and digitally savvy real estate agency who leverages the very latest technology alongside our first-class real estate agents to ensure the highest levels of quality service, communication, and results for our valued clients across Docklands.  

We proactively seek and attract Docklands property sellers who appreciate our honest, modern and intelligent approach to Docklands real estate sales.

In turn our sole focus is to provide all our clients with an exceptional level of personal care, guidance and considered advice with every transaction. 

If you're thinking of selling your Docklands home, or just want to get a sense of what your property could achieve on the market, we would love to meet. 


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We are proud to be one of the highest rated real estate agencies operating across Docklands. 

Please take two minutes and read our Google Reviews to learn why so many Docklands property sellers hire PARKSTONE to sell their home.


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Selling Your Docklands Property

Selecting the best real estate agent to sell your Docklands home is vital to achieving a fantastic price when selling your property.

As a highly skilled, modern real estate agency operating across Docklands, PARKSTONE Real Estate is devoted to achieving outstanding real estate sales results together with delivering a truly wonderful real estate selling experience for all our clients.

With a complete appreciation of exactly what Docklands property buyers are looking for when moving to the country we are confident that with our top-rated Docklands real estate agents, our modern digitally focused advertising strategies and our 10k + social media followers, your property will stand the best chance of achieving the highest possible selling price when placed in our care.

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Understanding the Docklands Property Market

Let us be frank, we all want to sell our property for the very best possible price. Most Docklands property owners not only pour their heart and soul into caring for their property but also understand that their home is arguably the most important asset and key component to their overall net worth.

With so much on the line it is crucial to make sure that we take into account what the local Docklands property market actually values your home to be because in short, if your property is placed on the market at too high a price then it will only hinder your final selling price sitting months on the market without any genuine offers.  

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Your Motivations to Sell Your Docklands Property

Selling your Docklands property is going to be an emotional roller coaster and making sure you are ready to hire a Docklands real estate agent is an important step to ensuring the sales campaign is as successful as possible. Selling your Docklands property can be quite challenging if you are not truly ready to sell as the process often has a lot of fast-moving components you will need to be ready for.

Preparing your Docklands Property For Sale


The first thing you want to do is de-clutter and remove as many personal items and knickknacks from your Docklands home as possible. You can put them in boxes and store them in the garage, a storage unit or any part of the home that is out of the way.

It is important to arrange your Docklands property with your potential buyers in mind, by this we mean that by putting away many of your personal items you allow buyers to come in and see the house in as neutral a state as possible, allowing them in their own eyes to imagine themselves and their family living there. This is essential as you want people to come in and feel like it is a home they can own instead of feeling like they are intruding in someone else's personal space.

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Marketing your Docklands Property

PARKSTONE leads the way when it comes to the digitisation of real estate.

Gone are the days when a little black book of potential clients meant the difference between agents who achieved fantastic results and those that did not. Today we must be current, sharp, digitally savvy, and most importantly, a well-informed good negotiator who is fully educated about the Docklands properties we represent.

Docklands Property Appraisals

Arranging a no-obligation, confidential appraisal of your Docklands is a great way to find out the numbers behind what the local property market is doing and in turn understanding the value of your home.

When you know the facts about the value of your most important asset, only then with all the information at your disposal can you make smarter decisions on how best to achieve your real estate goals.

To arrange your Docklands real estate appraisal please get in touch with one of our professional Docklands real estate agents. 


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