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Our energetic and knowledgeable real estate agents have become important players in the Gisborne South real estate market using their sophisticated expertise and professional insight to deliver fantastic results alongside a truly exceptional real estate sales experience.

We are a privately owned real estate agency operating throughout Gisborne South and central Victoria with our team of devoted real estate specialists providing a total package of real estate sales advice to anyone looking to sell their property in or around Gisborne South. 

We always act in the very best interest of our valued clients and work hard daily in our goal to be the most professional, diligent, and honest modern real estate company operating throughout Gisborne South and central Victoria. 

This is the promise and commitment we make to all our clients. 

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Complimentary Guide for Gisborne South Property Sellers

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The PARKSTONE Real Estate Guide to the ins and outs of selling your lifestyle property in Gisborne South VIC 3437. 


Gisborne South real estate

Gisborne South Real Estate Sales

Our Commitment and Reviews 

We always act in the very best interest of our valued clients and work hard daily in our goal to be the most professional, diligent, and honest modern real estate company operating throughout Gisborne South and central Victoria. 

We are proud to be one of the highest rated real estate agents operating in the Gisborne South real estate market. Take two minutes and read our Google Reviews...

Selling Your Gisborne South Property 


Selecting the best real estate agent to sell your Gisborne South home is vital to achieving a fantastic price when selling your property.

As a highly skilled, modern real estate agency operating across Gisborne South and central Victoria, PARKSTONE Real Estate is devoted to achieving outstanding real estate sales results together with delivering a truly wonderful real estate selling experience for all our clients.

With a complete appreciation of exactly what Gisborne South property buyers are looking for when moving to the country we are confident that with our top-rated Gisborne South real estate agents, our modern digitally focused advertising strategies and our 10k + social media followers, your property will stand the best chance of achieving the highest possible selling price when placed in our care.

Gisborne South real estate agents

Gisborne South property agents


Download your Free Selling Guide

The PARKSTONE Real Estate Guide to the ins and outs of selling your lifestyle property in Gisborne South. 



Call 03 9115 7328 

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Whilst it is important and we encourage all property sellers to read through our website and download our Free Real Estate Seller Guide, nothing beats picking up the phone and speaking in person to a dedicated Gisborne South Real Estate Sales Agent.

For a personal and confidential discussion on how best we can assist you with your Gisborne South property, please get in touch with one of our Gisborne South real estate agents. 


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Understanding the Gisborne South Property Market


Let us be frank, we all want to sell our property for the very best possible price. Most Gisborne South property owners not only pour their heart and soul into caring for their property but also understand that their home is arguably the most important asset and key component to their overall net worth.

With so much on the line it is crucial to make sure that we take into account what the local Gisborne South property market actually values your home to be because in short, if your property is placed on the market at too high a price then it will only hinder your final selling price sitting months on the market without any genuine offers.  

By pricing your Gisborne South property with the appropriate asking price range not only can you ensure a much quicker sale, but you can also avoid the stress and pitfalls of having a potential sale fall over, this actually occurs quite often, let us explain. Because most buyers will need a mortgage from a bank to buy your Gisborne South home, if the bank feels that the contract price is too high relative to the fundamental valuation of your property, they will not approve the loan and the sale is likely to fall over.

Take the time to speak with your Gisborne South real estate agent about a realistic valuation for your home. Make sure they layout the recent Gisborne South property sales so you can understand how and why they have come to their educated, professional conclusion. Remember, you want to sell your Gisborne South property, not just place it on the market.

Gisborne South estate agents

Gisborne South real estate market

Your Motivation in Selling Your Gisborne South Property


Selling your Gisborne South property is going to be an emotional roller coaster and making sure you are ready to hire a Gisborne South real estate agent is an important step to ensuring the sales campaign is as successful as possible. Selling your Gisborne South property can be quite challenging if you are not truly ready to sell as the process often has a lot of fast-moving components you will need to be ready for.

Due to our professional and modern real estate sales process, it is not uncommon to achieve a successful sale quite quickly after going live on the Gisborne South real estate market. Overall, the central Victorian property market has a large amount of buying interest so when advertised properly a sale could happen quite quickly from when your home actually goes live on the market.

Your PARKSTONE Real Estate agent is always here to help you guide and help your through the process of selling your Gisborne South property.

Preparing your Gisborne South Property for Sale


The first thing you want to do is de-clutter and remove as many personal items and knickknacks from your Gisborne South home as possible. You can put them in boxes and store them in the garage, a storage unit or any part of the home that is out of the way.

It is important to arrange your Gisborne South property with your potential buyers in mind, by this we mean that by putting away many of your personal items you allow buyers to come in and see the house in as neutral a state as possible, allowing them in their own eyes to imagine themselves and their family living there. This is essential as you want people to come in and feel like it is a home they can own instead of feeling like they are intruding in someone else's personal space.

If there are any obvious repairs or maintenance jobs that need to be done, it is in your best interest to fix those up before going on the market. It is not unusual for a property to need a light touch up of paint to present at its best. Making sure these minor touch ups and repair jobs are done well goes a long way to making a wonderful first impression. Your PARKSTONE Real Estate agent will guide you through this process.

Another consideration that may be necessary is engaging a property stylist to stage your home. Having a professional stylist come in to make sure your Gisborne South property looks at its very best not only helps your home sell faster but more often than not allows us to ask and in turn sell your Gisborne South property for a higher price.  

Selling your Gisborne South property

PARKSTONE Real Estate Sales

Marketing your Gisborne South Property


PARKSTONE leads the way when it comes to the digitisation of real estate.

Gone are the days when a little black book of potential clients meant the difference between agents who achieved fantastic results and those that did not. Today we must be current, sharp, digitally savvy, and most importantly, a well-informed good negotiator who is fully educated about the Gisborne South properties we represent.

In addition to the national listing portals, our website developers work constantly with leading SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists to ensure your property stands the very best chance of achieving the highest possible selling price.

Marketing via our social media channels allows us to drill down and specifically target interested parties, certain demographics, and people in precise locations to draw as much attention as possible to your property listing. With over 10k organic social media followers PARKSTONE is uniquely placed to ensure your Gisborne South property will get the right exposure to achieve a fantastic result when placed in our care

No-Obligation Gisborne South Property Appraisals


Arranging a no-obligation, confidential appraisal of your Gisborne South is a great way to find out the numbers behind what the local property market is doing and in turn understanding the value of your home.

When you know the facts about the value of your most important asset, only then with all the information at your disposal can you make smarter decisions on how best to achieve your real estate goals.

To arrange your Gisborne South real estate appraisal please get in touch with one of our professional Gisborne South real estate agents. 


Call 03 9115 7328

Gisborne South property appraisal

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At PARKSTONE Real Estate our first-class real estate agents facilitate property sales for lifestyle property, houses, townhouses, units and alike all over:


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Ashbourne 3442Baynton 3444Baynton East 3444Benloch 3435Bolinda 3432Bullengarook 3437Bylands 3762Carlsruhe 3442Cherokee 3434Chintin 3756Clarkefield 3430Cobaw 3442Darraweit Guim 3756Denver 3461Drummond 3461Drummond North 3446Edgecombe 3444Fern Hill 3458Gisborne 3437Gisborne South 3437Glenhope 3444Goldie 3435Greenhill 3444Hanging Rock 3442Hesket 3442Kerrie 3434Kyneton 3444Kyneton South 3444Lancefield 3435Lauriston 3444Macedon 3440Malmsbury 3446Monegeetta 3433Mount Macedon 3441New Gisborne 3438Newham 3442Pastoria 3444Pastoria East 3444Pipers Creek 3444Riddells Creek 3431Rochford 3442Romsey 3434Sidonia 3444Spring Hill 3444Springfield 3434Tantaraboo 3764Taradale 3447Toolern Vale 3337Trentham East 3458Tylden 3444Woodend 3442 and Woodend North 3442.