So, you’ve decided you want to sell your home, congratulations, you’ve already taken the biggest step in the selling process!


If you’ve never sold a property before, it’s important to understand how the selling process works. There are a few decisions you’ll need to make, including when to place your property on the market, how to choose which real estate agent to represent you and how best to prepare your home for a sales campaign. To help you understand the real estate sales process we’ve broken the process down into five easy steps.


Five Easy Steps to Selling Your Home - How Does the Process Work?


Home Research

Once you have decided it is time to sell your home, you’ll need to ensure you don’t make the same mistake that many others make, which is not doing your research!

We’re in 2020, there is no excuse when it comes to not doing your due diligence and giving yourself a good understanding of a) your local real estate market and b) a rough idea on how you should price your property in your Melbourne suburb. You should start by looking online ( etc. ) at the market to see what is currently available for sale and, just as importantly, what has actually sold in your local Melbourne suburb.


Property Valuation

To get an accurate idea of what price your property can achieve, consider reaching out for an objective valuation from a licensed real estate agent. A competent and licensed real estate broker will offer you a realistic estimate based on comparable sales and the size, type and condition of your home. We say objective valuation as it’s very important to assess your property as if you’re a prospective buyer and not to get too emotionally involved in the pricing of your home. Overvaluing a property one of the easiest mistakes you can make and the fastest way to lose money


Melbourne Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent is your right arm, helping and guiding you when you’re selling your home. Your agent or broker is the one who negotiates the sale with potential buyers on your behalf.

A good quality real estate agent will give you an honest indication of the current market trends and guide you with professional advice on how to increase the outcome of your sale. This may involve minor renovations, de-cluttering, garden maintenance and or property staging. They will give you clear and concise advice on the best way you can increase your chances of selling for a higher price. To learn more about the selling process from a quality Melbourne real estate agent – visit PARKSTONE Real Estate



Advertising is absolutely crucial and can be quite expensive, however it’s important to remember your real estate marketing is an investment in the sale of your home, so remember to think of your target sale price relative to your advertising costs, the saying you have to spend money to make money really does stand true. Online media and print advertising, as well as brochures and property boards will be used in your sales campaign. High quality photography and video will also be crucial.

At PARKSTONE Real Estate, we do not charge for sales marketing. Our agency model ensures our interests are always in complete alignment with you, our client. We see the marketing of your property as our responsibility and the preparation, whether that be any touch ups, renovations, or staging furniture as our client’s commitment to the sale of their home.

By working this way, you know 100% that we are not giving you unrealistic selling estimations just to win your business, it does not make commercial sense for us to spend money on a marketing campaign when we know, deep down, the property is overpriced. The saying ‘put your money where your mouth is’ couldn’t be truer, we are literally investing our own hard-earned dollars into the successful sale of your home.


Property Inspections

Once you and your agent have agreed on your sales campaign strategy and the house is ready for inspection, you can put it on the market. Inspections are usually held over the weekend although you may decide all inspections are to be held via ‘Private Appointment’. Moving forward any potential buyers will submit offers to your agent, who is best equipped to advise you whether to accept or not and how best to negotiate.